Art Therapy

Art Therapy:  Adults

Art Therapy offers a gentle and unfolding exploration of feelings and emotions through the use of art materials.   This can happen in a couple of ways:

  • where art making can be used to release feelings and emotions that might be difficult to put into words
  • where the process of creating the art work and reflecting on this experience can offer a new perspective and increased awareness

Art therapy has the potential to offer a visual representation of your experience, an alternative perspective, a way to create new meaning of old themes and an uncovering of what might not be in your awareness.

Art Therapy: Adolescents and Children

Art therapy is an ideal way of working with adolescents and children. Pencils, pastels, paint, clay and sand-play can give the young person or child an opportunity to communicate essentially what might be hard to put into words. 

There are many reasons for parents or carers to seek art therapy for their children.  You might relate to any one of the following:

  • Your child might have  developed  behaviours that cause concern
  • Your child  might  have difficulties socially where they find it hard to communicate with others or maintain friendships
  • Your child might have experienced a loss of a significant person in their life and this is impacting on their behaviour or the way they relate to others
  • Your child might have experienced a separation or divorce of their parents and this may be causing them to behave differently
  • Your child may have experienced a past trauma that is causing some concern now
  • Your child might not have the words to identify what is happening for them but they appear withdrawn and unhappy
  • Your child might have been a  victim of a violent crime
  • Your child might have had early childhood experiences of abuse and family violence