Aquifer works with organisations interested in:

  • Developing the knowledge, skills and capacity of their staff
  • Promoting and developing an organisational culture that supports transparency and good communication
  • Developing clarity regarding roles and responsibilities
  • Developing and evaluating programs


We work closely with organisations to evaluate their needs and then develop, through collaboration, an inclusive process that will help to acheive the outcomes that are important to their core business.


Our work with organisations can involve:

  • Supporting better communication between staff and management
  • Developing reflective practices that support best practice
  • Helping teams address cultural issues and redefine their working relationships
  • Helping staff and management understand their roles and responsibilities and take up their persoanl authority
  • Supporting management to better understand the needs of their staff and balance those needs with the reality of organisational contraints
  • Assisting in the review and realignment of strategic golas and practices


Clients and Assigments 

Aquifer has undertaken work with the following organisations:

  • Women's Health in the North
  • Cancer victoria
  • Child Protection Society
  • Bridgehaven (Salvation Army)
  • Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • Good Samaritains
  • Domestic Violence Resource Centre
  • Inner South Communtiy Health Centre