Couples and Relationship Counselling

There are many reasons to seek couple and relationship counselling. Usually the aim of counselling is to get the relationship back on track so that you can feel satisfied, fulfilled and working together as a team while respecting and honouring each other’s uniqueness.

Couple and relationship counselling helps when:

  • the relationship is stale or stuck or when you feel that you are not connecting with each other as you did in earlier days.
  • sex isn’t satisfying or you are struggling with different desire levels.
  • as a  couple you are seeking to find your way through the impact of significant stress, change ,   trauma, loss or illness which has changed the relationship.
  • becoming parents or navigating the stresses of parenthood may strain the relationship
  • the relationship is over and you want to work out how to separate compassionately, being mindful of all involved (including children)
  • as a couple you want  to reconnect, improve communication, manage conflict better and feel happier

Relationship therapy for individuals

  • Individuals who are not currently in intimate relationships can also explore their patterns and come to understand why their relationships don’t last.