Specialist Supervision

Aquifer supervisors provide relational focused supervision to clinicians both individually and in small groups focusing on:

  • Identification of personal and professional goals
  • The development of awareness regarding what we bring personally and professionally that will shape and influence the work we undertake with clients
  • Relevant theoretical frameworks, ethical guidelines and philosophies that inform and support our practice
  • Support for the clinician to take a holistic approach that involves developing awareness of their own and the clients somatic experience
  • Developing a collaborative therapeutic relationship with the client that acknowledges that both the clinician and client will influence and co-create the work

  Manager & Team Leader Supervision

Aquifer supervisors work with Managers and Team Leaders to:

  • Understand the expectations attached to their role
  • Develop communication skills and the capacity to reflect on their work
  • Develop a solid collaborative working relationship with staff to help them identify their support and professional development needs
  • Tailor their leadership/ management style to different situations and needs of staff
  • Develop the capacity to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Develop skills to performance manage staff
  • Reflect on and seek feedback from staff in relation to their work as Manager/ Team Leader